Gailmarie Scott Ph.D. (honorary)

A former private duty nurse, Gailmarie left the medical industry to pursue raising a family as a dedicated homemaker teaching all of her children to cook, clean and ultimately become attentive to their children and to always handpick their schools; she taught them understand their Creator's Word and life's purpose for them. Her key professional experience includes fifteen+ years in executive administration for minority contractors utilizing strong organizational and communication skills to administer major private and public construction contracts, such as the East Central Interceptor Sewer project, an 11-mile tunnel with 11-ft diameter pipes; and five contracts on the Alameda Mid-Corridor project, the largest public works project in the US at the time. 

For more than a decade, Gailmarie worked directly with the executive director of a minority contractor's association to help level the playing field for civil rights of underserved contractors in California and Mississippi. As affiliate relations manager with an Oakland-based media company, Gailmarie initiated direct response infomercials to air on nationwide public LPTV and radio stations and built a massive clientele base from nationwide Nielson ratings research and surveys. After more than a decade run with Nordstrom, Delta Airlines and Bank of America, she became a mortgage loan originator for Los Angeles area lenders. Relocating to the Midwest, she held the position of interim CEO for a crude oil company with assets in the hundreds of billions, and before returning to the west coast, Gailmarie was the personal assistant to Sherita Herring-Oglesby, CEO of then Kreative Images (currently Philanthropy Alliance Foundation), a renowned professional business developer with expertise in business mergers, strategies, grant procurement, community development and world relationships operating from her extensive experience and affiliations to aid organizations, local municipalities, clergy, celebrities, professional athletes, impacting global communities by heightening their philanthropic efforts to make the world a better place. 

As patron for one of Hillary Clinton's initiatives, AWEP (African American Entrepreneurship Program) in Africa, she served over 27,000 African women entrepreneurs in the Kenya Chapter in 2014, speaking alongside Mrs. Delores Jordan, Executive Director of the Kenya Women and Children’s Wellness Centre in Nairobi as the Chapter’s partner for the event.  Mrs. Jordan is the mother of the NBA Pro Michael Jordan. She currently serves as a board trustee for the Allied African Chamber of Commerce in New York City and is Global Business Developer Partner of OJI Califco Consortium in San Jose. She is living her dream as a proud MyShroom Team member with Mycol Discoveries LLC, the producers of MyShrooms, a hybrid organic medicinal mushroom blend that supports the immune system and rapidly repairs the body and have what she deems a real Health solution for mankind.

Gailmarie holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Religious Philosophy. She frequently attends advanced mastermind seminars to improve communication, productivity and leadership in all types of relationships. Upon attending Byron Katie’s School for The Work, a 10-day course for “unlearning” and unleashing negative thought patterns, she was inspirational in raising a million-dollar donation to support African Americans to be to attend that school on scholarship. 

Raised in Southern California, Nevada and Tennessee as the 9th of 10 siblings, Gailmarie graduated as 6th grade class president on the morning her mother passed away. She gave her speech anyway and again became class president in both high school and her licensed nursing school with 4.0 GPA's. One of her favorite activities are family related, specifically with her 11 precious and talented teenage grandchildren; as co-editor for 10 years, she loves sharing family history through a biannual family newsletter and co-authored the family historical photo gallery; loves world travel anywhere especially on an Airbus A380; cooking and baking; sewing; music, dancing and singing; hiking; reading and learning anything new including new science and technology and learning software programs.