Henry M. Grage, Jr., BS MS
Product Development and Research

Mr. Grage has over 26 years of experience in therapeutic product development and technology management.  His drug development expertise started with tumor drugs at MD Anderson Cancer Center and cardiovascular drugs at Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Ortho, and Corvas. Additionally, Mr. Grage was responsible for the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease therapeutics while employed at Roche Corporation (formerly Boehringer Mannheim) and LifeScan (a Johnson and Johnson company).  His many achievements include the launching of 16 medical products, 14-issued patents, and 4 pending applications. As an entrepreneur, he has consulted with established companies from large Pharma to multinationals and startups. Leadership roles include President, Director of Research and Development, Vice President of Research, Development, and Engineering. Mr. Grage holds a B.S. degree from Texas A&M University in Biochemistry, and an M.S. degree from the University of Texas in Molecular Biology.